FractalJ: java renderer for IFS fractals

If you want to render an IFS to a raster image, you can use the chaos game or a deterministic algorithm.
Most IFS rendering softwares use the first alternative (e.g. XaoS and Apophysis), because of its simplicity and speed; but if you prefer watching your IFS while it grows, step after step, or you don't need to get 1,000 steps while drawings, or simply you're interested in a very simple IFS rendering program for didactic purposes... FractalJ is for you.

FractalJ is a very simple Java application coded by me and C. Russo; to describe IFSs (called "seeds" by the program), a scripting language similar to Logo is used. When FractalJ implementation was finished, I met L-System grammars. Too late... But quite similar to the grammar I used.

There's an extra command-line parameter to render multiple images of an interpolation between two different seeds. Below on the right, there's an animation I made with FractalJ and MEncoder.

Here you can download an high resolution version (Xvid, 5.4Mb) of the same video.

In a nutshell:
Inside the compressed archive you'll find:
  • Java source code
  • Scripting language brief description
  • Several scripting examples
  • Readme.txt
As written inside the "readme" file:
Please note: this software was NOT ment to be distributed. So, code is not well commented; usability is low; there is almost no error checking. It's just for didactic purposes.

So, I don't need to be sorry because of its terrible interface =)

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