Hash'em all: free online text and file hashing

I couldn't find an online hashing service which allowed to hash text strings and files using several different algorithms (MD5, SHA1, SHA512, RIPMED, Whirlpool, HAVAL, etc.); so, I made one. And after hours and hours of creative efforts, here's the name I conceived: Hash'em all!.

Layout is really simple but (big surprise!) there's a rendering problem with Internet Explorer (any verision). The central DIVs are correctly sized in Firefox, Opera, Safari, Konqueror, Camino and every other standard-compliant web-browser; unfortunately, IE is not in this list (while MS is part of W3C consortium... bah!).

I will *never* redisign the site to fit IE bugs with a CSS selector and a separate stylesheet: I have no intention to do again the work because of Microsoft's whims.
Using IE Hash'em all! is still usable, but ugly. If you want a nice interface, please use a W3C-compliant browser. And, if you'd like to know what's the problem: it seems that in IE there's no way to have a centered auto-adaping DIV, because IE totally ignores display: table; CSS attribute.

Features in brief:

  • It's free
  • It's fast (less than 0.1 second for most queries)
  • There's no limit on the number of queries
  • It allows to hash files up to 10Mb
  • You can choose up to 35 different digests
  • Allows empty strings
  • It's cute (but that's subjective...)
Yes, there are just a few google ads. But it's free (as in free beer, for now) ;]

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